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Tác giả: Nguyễn Văn Nam, Tô Ngọc Hùng, Vũ Đức Nghĩa
Nhà xuất bản: Khoa học kỹ thuật
Giá bìa:108,000
Giá bán:108,000
Năm xuất bản: 2011

The book mentions a very worth-reading topic: how to make money in one of a potential emerging market, Vietnam. It is a useful guide for international investors to approach the Vietnam market in a systematic way. This is the first ever book specifying on Vietnam financial market I have read and it is highly recommended.

The main flow is started with an introduction of an index system called Vietnam Financial Index system with the aim of reflecting the movement of local securities market. Being considered as the most advanced and diversified index system in Vietnam, it helps investors to accurately measure the performance of Vietnam market. Let's face it; you can make big money only when you can understand the market.

I tried the index system on Bloomberg (which you can find from the Book appendix all the codes) and it is very informative, especially for Technical analysis. The type of index is quite various from composite index to industries/ sector or style indexes. Besides, the index system also includes the no-substitution Bond Indexes.

The book does not stop at just knowing the market, but takes it to a higher level, taking advantage of the index system to invest with less risk and more efficiency. Real cases were mentioned to present the outperforming results of investing with the index.

Another important point presented in this book is specific notes on opening new account for foreign investors along with several basic information on how trading regulation for outside investors can be different from local ones.

Overall, it helps open the door for investors who are interested in a dynamic and growing market like Vietnam